SeaportTools Vinyl Cutting Service

USCutter SC Series Vinyl Cutter w/ Sure Cuts A Lot. 25" model. Lots of colors of decal paper and weeding supplies also available.

Make giant decals. Huge Signs. Cover your car with your favorite poem. Make a life size stencil of your head.

It is also a huge pen plotter, so you can print a coloring book for your kids that is bigger than they are.

The fastest way to get your line art cut is to design and save it using Inkscape. Remember that for this machine, paths are all that count. Fills don't do anything and line thicknesses don't matter. I make all lines 0.002" stroke with no fill just so what I see on the screen matches what will come out of the machine. Use the following colors...

Email a SVG file to ...


...with the subject "Please Cut This!".  I'll reply to let you know I got it and give you an estimate of when it will be done.

If your shape is well formed and ready to print, then it will likely be ready for you to come pick up in a couple of hours.

While I am happy to try to help with problems, there is plenty of info on making cuttable vector paths on the web and the more work you do, the faster you'll be able to get the object.