SeaportTools 3D Printing Service

If you can design it, you can hold it.

The SeaportTools Makerbot is a Replicator 1 with an upgraded plunger and build plate. It is typically loaded with PLA, but can print ABS also.

The fastest way to get your object printed is to either...

  1.  Design and save it using TinkerCad, or
  2. Design it in anything else, export to STL, and upload it to Thingiverse

...and then email a link to your object to...


...with the subject "Please 3Dprint This". I'll reply to let you know I got it and give you an estimate of when it will be done.

If your object...

  1. is  small
  2. is well formed (it has a watertight outside surface)
  3. doesn't have any overhangs
  4. is positioned so that it has the largest flat side facing down and resting on the build plate

...then it will likely be ready for you to come pick up in a couple of hours.

While I am happy to try to help with problems, there is plenty of info on making objects be printable on the web and the more work you do the faster you'll be able to get the object.

Keep in mind that the machine makes your part by building layer on top of layer. For the best prints, try to design your part so that every place has material underneath it to support it. While it is possible to add supports, these will make your print take longer and use more material, and it will be a hassle for you to remove these supports and you'll get a rough surface where the supports were attached.



Q: How much does it cost?
A: Free for reasonable use.

Q: What kind of machine?
A: Makerbot Replicator single extruder running Sailfish 7.7. Build volume is nominally 225.0 by 145.0 by 150.0 mm or 8.9 x 5.7 x 5.9 in. I have MakerWare, ReplicatorG, and Simplify3D for slicing.

Q: What colors?
A: I normally print in "natural" because it is cheap and easy, but I usually have other colors available too so if ask if you want something else.

Q: What materials?
A: I pretty much only print in PLA now, but I have gotten NinjaFlex to work too.

Q: Can I supply my own filament?
A: If it is 1.75mm PLA or NinjaFlex, then probably yes. Email first to make sure.