How does it work?

There is generally someone here weekdays from 930AM-230PM, but other times are possible.

You email me at the address below and let me know what you want to borrow and when you'd like to pick it up.

If the items is available and the time works, I'll email you back with a confirmation and all the details.

When you come, you will take the tool and leave me with something that would a pain for you to live without (driver's license, passport) so I know you will return the tool in a reasonable period of time.

Most items are available for up to a week, but I need some heavily used items back within a day or two.

When your return the tool, you get your valuable thing back.

Who can borrow?

The Seaport Tool Library caters to downtown Manhattan people, but if you are from somewheres else in NYC and you are cool, maybe you too.

How much does it cost?

Nothing if you return the tool in good shape in a reasonable period of time.

Do you offer workspace?

If you just have something small to do like changing a bike tire or cutting a few peices of wood, then you are welcome to do it here.

That said, at some point I would love to get things cleaned up and offer people small workspaces for specific projects lasting days to weeks.

Can I donate my tool?

Depends on what the tool is.

Do you have any liquid nitrogen??

No, but I think you can get some at Liberty Gases in Red Hook. You will need a dewar's flask.

I do have argon and sulfur hexafloride avilable.

How do I get in touch with you?