SeaportTools Streaming Book Service

I have some books that are either hard or expensive to get. I also have some collections of books on specific subjects that tend to not be covered well by online sources.

Some of the really useful collections are on things like EDM, consciousness, efficient buildings, stone wall construction, DOS era programming, the elements, Isaac Asimov essays, legal philosophy, and the history of NYC (especially lower Manhattan and the Seaport).

These books are available for physical loan to people who can get here to borrow them, but you can still read these books if you live far away using the Streaming Book Service. This is especially handy if, for example, you just need a couple of pages from a book that costs $250 on ebay.

Here's how it works...

  1. Find the book or collection that you want using the normal tool finder pages,
  2.  send an email to...

    ...letting me what book you are interested in and a good time that you would like to read it.

  3. I'll email you back to confirm the time and give you a Skype name to call
  4. At the appointed time, you'll Skype into a camera that is looking at the book.
  5. Yell whenever you want me to turn the page or switch to a different book.

Don't take screenshots of the insides of there books as this would definately violate copyrights. I don't think that viewing the book live over a Skype link is illegal, but if you are a lawyer and know otherwise, please let me know.